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What is The Nephrology Network About?


The Nephrology Network is a program designed specifically for leaders in the area of Renal medicine to share Best Practices, Case Studies and other important information with other Doctors in their specific state. The lead Doctor for each state will provide our turnkey program to other doctors with content specific to their operations. We provide a complete digital communications solution for the Doctors and their patients.




Nephrology Network was developed exclusively for professionals directly related to the Renal medical sector. The Nephrology Network will provide turn key solutions for practices in the field of Nephrology and providing “At Home Dialysis” promotional campaigns.

Suggestion #1

We can develop a top 50 group with each state being spearheaded by the go-to nephrologist in the state. The top Nephrologist will have a program that will help other nephrologists with different areas of running a successful practice including best practices, digital content and marketing.

The program will be a recurring revenue source for helping other physicians in the state. Brand the program as the “At Home Dialysis” program and offer this turn key package to each office starting at $999 a month if we are to go after each office on a one on one basis.

Suggestion #2 

Brand the program as the “At Home Dialysis” Network and offer this turn key package to each office starting at $600 a month complete with Digital content and promotional campaigns. 
The goal would to create a program with title sponsors since this would be a huge benefit for dialysis equipment manufacturers to provide awareness, education and options to Renal patients. The digital presentations for the public would be centered around new technology presently available in a simplified presentation format.


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The marketing side is a white label program we can call “Kidney Dialysis Network”


Kidney Dialysis Network is a direct marketing program specializing in healthcare marketing and higher education video productions powered by Media Ad Group | MAG Marketing Network.

We will provide a direct marketing perspective to professional recruitment, consumer retention, cross marketing with the goal being patient acquisition. Patient recruitment will include video marketing/educational tutorials, social media campaigns along with online search results.

The Kidney Dialysis Network will provide the following

  • a complete turnkey solution for branding an office and lead generation
  • affordable monthly member fee
  • different levels of social media and SEO packages
  • a licensing program for all Doctors in the network to use our video content for their own brand
  • basic geo-targeted keyword search results for website and media content
  • recruitment of patients through marketing channels
  • implementation of a unique referral program
  • saves administrative cost and ease office workflow

New and Existing Patient Digital Tutorials

  • digital presentations on lifestyle changes in short modules for patient education (branded to each Dr’s office)
  • real patient experiences to ease anxiety for new patients
  • a video library of cooking tutorials specific to Renal Diet video recipes to help patients realize what they CAN eat
  • education on eating healthier without spending more at the grocery store

Optional Marketing 

  • local radio/tv campaigns
  • press releases
  • additional SEO services for highly competitive market areas 
  • promoted ads on Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest, PPC Ads on Google

Optional Tools

  • Video Chat
  • Weekly scheduled podcast for patients



What we need from the Doctor/Staff for White Label program

Logo’s, website color preferences, physical address, contact information.

Bio’s of the Doctor (s) and staff members along with HD portraits.

Images of the inside and outside of the office.

Optional but highly recommended:  45-90 sec video with each Doctor introducing themselves for relationship building.


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