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Build relationships with others in your community

You can now send out invitations to help other local professionals become recognized as the go to expert in their field.

Levels of Consumer Engagement

The Better Lifestyle Network is a platform in development that will be a portal of hand picked talent, professionals and experts to help people of all walks of life.

Our mission is to build a gateway to help contributors get recognition in their field of expertise by helping people realize a better lifestyle and giving back to society.

Free Video Content on the site short informative videos will be hosted on YouTube as free content for marketing purposes. (we will share this content on multiple YouTube channels and promote on our social media profiles)

Premium Members Area Premium Members area consist of a 9.95 a month subscription (or $59.00 a year) for premium content.  (this content will be hosted on private accounts and membership fees are used to promote the BLN platform for sales of the courses as well as producing fresh content).

Courses Publishers make 50% of revenues with video tutorials that they produce. We provide a turnkey solution so consumers can purchase their courses in short modules.

Live Video Chat Area (Pay Per Minute) this is an area of the site now in development where the public can chat in real time with our lineup of professionals and pay 3.95 per minute. Revenues are split 50/50 with publisher.

The main objective is to help people from all walks of life live a better lifestyle, that can be accessed from any device.

The BLN will be marketed through our established Social Media profiles, Video Marketing and Partnering programs.

Provide Real Professionals a Live Video Chat portal and a payment gateway

Unlike Justanswer with hundreds of complaints 

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